Mission Log

This page includes a high-level summary of missions flown by Civil Air Support crews* and is intended to provide an indication of the volume and types of activies in which we are engaged.

It is important to bear in mind that all Civil Air Support members are volunteers and all flights are private. Members may not be ‘tasked‘ by Civil Air Support to undertake any mission, they may only be ‘asked‘. All flights are conducted at the discretion of the Pilot In Command (PIC), and he/she assumes responsibility for every aspect of the flight.

*Some flights are excluded from this log for reasons of sensitivity, security and (in some cases) at the request of partner organisations, agencies or family members.

DateMissionBrief DescriptionLocationTypeMins.
02/05/2023Army Training Area APTo provide near vertical imagery of defined army training areasNorth LanarkshireCessna Bird Dog75
26/04/2023MFCP OFOS Survey‘Our Firth, Our Seashore Coastal SurveyMoray FirthJabiru 40060
21/04/2023MISPER Blair AthollMissing person search in Perthshire, Scotland Blair AthollSkyranger Ninja 912S120
08/04/2023Coastal SurveyYorkshire Coastal Survey (Yorkshire Wildlife Trust)YorkshireC42380
03/04/2023OFOS Survey‘Our Firth, Our Seashore Coastal SurveyMoray FirthJabiru 400145
26/02/2023Biel Burn Flood SurveyTraining and ability demonstration flightEast LothianSkyranger75
10/02/2023MISPER West SussexMissing Person search over open filed & woodlandWest SussexPA2885
05/02/2023MISPER Longtown 5Missing Person search  CumbriaC4265
05/02/2023MISPER Longtown 4Missing Person search  CumbriaSR22130
04/02/2023MISPER St MichaelsMissing Person search  CumbriaEV-97100
03/02/2023MISPER Longtown 2&3Missing Person search  CumbriaC4285
22/01/2023MISPER Longtown 1Missing Person search  CumbriaC4290
02/01/2023Training (Flood Recce)Flooding photographic surveyLancashirePA2855
31/12/2022Flood Recce.Cumbria & SW ScotlandCumbriac42150
28/11/2022Flood AlertRivers Perry & Tern (Training)ShropshireC17240
27/11/2022Flood RecceLakes (Training)CumbriaC4260
20/11/2022Flood TrainingTrainingSussexPA2860
07/10/2022FMT TransferHalfpenny Green to ShorehamUKBonanza145
03/10/2022Our Firth, Our SeashoreCoastal SurveyMoray FirthJabiru 400110
23/08/2022Our Firth, Our SeashoreCoastal SurveyMoray FirthJabiry 400160
13/08/2022Coastal SurveyYorkshire Coastal Survey (Yorkshire Wildlife Trust)YorkshireC42231
08/08/2022MISPER AltnaharraEmergency Community RescueInvernessGyrosport Cavalon95
12/07/2022TrainingFlood Recce. Training FlightHampshireC15030
23/06/2022Medical AssistSalisbury to Newcastle (time critical Genetic Material transfer)UKRobin DR401285
25/05/2022FMT TransferWolverhampton to Dundee (time critical Genetic Material transfer)UKC182480
10/05/2022MISPER CromartyEmergency Community RescueCromartyMTOsport Gyrocopter110
02/05/2022MISPER CromartyEmergency Community RescueCromartyJabiru J40090
19/03/2022Forest Survey CumbriaStorm Damage Woodland SurveyCumbriaC42260
09/04/2022Training Ex3TrainingSolentC15060
09/04/2022Training Ex2TrainingSolentC15047
09/04/2022Training Ex1TrainingSolentC15030
16/01/2022Storm Arwen SurveyDamage Survey/Report AuchterhauseDundeeSkyranger135
02/12/2021Seal RelayTransfer seal pups from NE England to BDMLR
seal Hospital Cornwall
UKCessna T210348
17/11/2021Dublin to Newcastle MilkTransfer human milk from Dublin to Newcastle (critically ill baby)Internat.Diamond DA42240
10/11/2021Medical TransferFrozen Stem Cells to be transferred from Salisbury to NewcastleUKT210N84
27/10/2021Medical TransferFrozen Stem Cells to be transferred from Thruxton to NewcastleUKCirrus SR22288
22/10/2012Seal MoveRecover Arctic Ring Seal from Aberdeen to Hillswick Wildlife SanctuaryShetlandsCessna 414426
11/10/2021FMT TransferBirmingham to Bournemouth (time critical Genetic Material transfer)UKPA28110
18/09/2021St Andrews MISPER 2Missing Person SearchSt AndrewsJabiru J43065
18/09/2021St Andrews MISPER 2Missing Person SearchSt AndrewsPA28 Warrior60
18/09/2021St Andrews MISPER 1Missing Person SearchSt AndrewsJabiru J43060
20/07/2021Hartlepool MISPERMissing Person SearchHartlepoolCessna 414220
18/07/2021Minke Whale Locate net-entangled Minke WhaleBlytheSeneca 5160
15/06/2021FMT TransferBirmingham to Belfast (time critical Genetic Material transfer)UKPA28270
31/07/2021Liverpool to Scilly Isles transitTransport Vet + Equipment between Liverpool and Scilly IslesUKT210 Turbo Centurion788