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These photographs represent activities which are typical of CAS, taken during some of our recent missions. In many cases, they are associated with news articles which provide further context and information that you may find useful. Images are presented here in ‘thumbnail’ form, but most are available to view in higher resolution . Click on each image to explore in greater detail.

Most photographs are captured either by our pilots or trained observers and are shared here with their kind permission. Please note that content within these pages should not be reproduced without the consent of Civil Air Support.

Contact us for details, but please feel free to enjoy them here.

These images captured in the Winter of 2021 are from a flight recording storm damage to a community-owned woodland in Scotland. This gave the charity who manages the area everything they needed to understand the extent of damage incurred and put forward their proposed remedial/recovery actions to Scottish Forestry with a clear overview of the challenge. See related news article.

CAS works with various marine agencies on a regular basis, providing air support for vital environmental and wildlife preservation projects. A recent example was Graham Mountford’s mission to help the Scottish SPCA release a rare Arctic Ringed Seal by transporting it to a Northernmost point of the UK, providing the mammal with a fighting chance of reaching its natural habitat North of the Arctic circle. See related news article.

Animal welfare has always been a cause close to the hearts of many CAS members. Our efforts are not limited to assisting sea mammals, and on many occasions we’ve also been in the fortunate position to help preserve the lives and welfare of land mammals and fellow creatures of the air!

Working in partnership with the National Association of Blood Bikes, CAS is often called upon to transport urgent medical supplies. In November 2021, CAS Pilot David Ripley transferred urgently needed fresh baby milk from a Dublin hospital to Newcastle in a Diamond DA42. See related news article.

Once again, working with the National Association of Blood Bikes, CAS are often called upon to move medical samples with a very short shelf-life between UK hospitals. In this example, CAS Ops Manager Guy Gratton ferries FMT (Faecal Microbiome Transplant) samples from Birmingham to Belfast. See related news article.

In a similar operation, Stem Cells were harvested in Salisbury and airlifted from Thruxton to Newcastle in Graham Mountford’s twin-engined Cessna 414. See related news article.

The following images showcase other CAS aircraft and pilots working closely with our Blood Bikes partners, all of whom have volunteered their machines and their time (at their own expense) to transport urgent medical samples between UK destinations. CAS and the NABB have proved many times over that the value of combining wheels and wings is greater than the sum of the parts!

Survey and observation for the preservation of the environment, the protection of wildlife and sometimes the search for missing persons are each a typical ‘day in the life of‘ CAS pilots and their observers. Aircraft with a high wing and the capability to fly slowly are particularly useful for these operations.

Diligent CAS pilot Ian Forrest captured images of an oil slick on the River Forth off North Berwick, which was shared with the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency and the Coastguard. He also captured a number of images for a shoreline survey on behalf of St. Andrews University (note the old wooden boat skeleton submerged offshore by Aberlady Bay on the River Forth).

Ian Forrest has also shared these photographs from a Scottish Parliament Plastics survey flight to gather evidence of plastic pollution around Scotland’s shorelines. It’s not always about bad news though; Ian’s final photograph shows pupils and staff on the last day of a local school which was closing down prior to moving to a new campus. Like many CAS pilots, Ian has a ‘day job’ as well and had done a few days supply teaching there, so he volunteered to photograph them from the air for a fundraising memorial photo of the event! Also illustrated here is the track from a search for a lobster pot entangled whale with its youngster, spotted in the Forth estuary.

The fleet: CAS is fortunate to be able to draw upon a diverse fleet of aircraft with a broad range of capabilities. Many CAS aircraft are owned (or part owned) by their pilots and provided without charge to the charity or those who call upon its support. As well as offering practical logistical solutions, the fleet includes many fantastic examples of each type. These images present a small selection of CAS aircraft. The more knowledgeable observers will recognise among these – a fabulous Socata TB10, Rotorsport Gyroplane, Jabiru J400, Piper Super Cub, Beech Bonanza, VANS RV7, Cessna Centurion, Piper PA-28, Gulfstream GA7 Cougar, Skyranger Nynja, and a Skyranger Swift. The fleet also includes many more different types of rotary and fixed winged aircraft.

Ground support: CAS operations are very much a team game. Pilots and observers in the air are aided by knowledgeable and able support staff on the ground who collaborate seamlessly to help achieve a positive outcome to each mission.