Civil Air Support Charity in Action

Civil Air Support is a UK registered charity comprising pilots, observers and supporters.

Who Are We?

Civil Air Support (CAS) is the largest charitable air support organisation in Europe with around 110 members, together with a fleet of privately-owned aircraft that includes light aeroplanes, light helicopters, autogyros plus a few unmanned aerial vehicles. All Civil Air Support  members are volunteers and all flights are private. Members are either pilots, observers or operate in a supporting role. Many of our pilots are highly experienced, ex-military or from a commercial aviation background.

What We Do

The primary mission of Civil Air Support is to provide voluntary air support to safeguard communities and the environment.

All Civil Air Support activity is strictly humanitarian. Assistance sorties or ground support are intended purely to benefit the community, including the preservation of the environment. Any direct advantage gained by a particular agency from a Civil Air Support mission is incidental; the principal motivation of Civil Air Support is to provide community relief through occasional complementary air support for those who would otherwise have no access to it. Civil Air Support will not compete with established air resources and will only operate when the alternative to Civil Air Support is no air support at all. Civil Air Support assistance sorties are provided free to users. As a registered charity, Civil Air Support may accept donations after the event but terms cannot be arranged beforehand.

How To Engage Us

Would you like more information about our capabilities and how we can deliver to your specific needs? If you wish to engage us, you can do so by telephone or email. You can also leave us a message by completing the form below.

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About Us

UK Civil Air Support is a UK registered charity comprising pilots, observers and supporters who are organised to provide complementary air support to agencies or individuals.